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by Kyle Hilliard on Jul 04, 2018 at 11:00 AM
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During E3, we spoke with Sea of Thieves’ design director, Mike Chapman, and Rare’s studio head, Craig Duncan about its sea faring social adventure. We talked about the future of the game and its content roll-out plans, the struggle of mishearing the word “cannonballs,”and whether or not the game will ever incorporate RPG elements in its equipment and weapons.

Game Informer: Sea of Thieves first big expansion, The Hungering Deep, released May 29.

Craig Duncan

Duncan : We did our first content update, and it seems funny talking about it as the first content update was two weeks ago, which was literally on month two, but we’ve done eight patches since then and we’ve done a load of server-side optimization. Since we’ve launched we’ve been full on in terms of updating Sea of Thieves.

The Hungering Deep team – which was our first content update – that’s finished, so now that team is working on the thing beyond the Cursed Sails now.

How many teams do you have going simultaneously?

Duncan : We’ve got three teams working on separate content and we’re about to add a fourth. What we’re trying to do, and this might sound a bit nuts and bolts… obviously, when you run up to launch we had a team kind of working on A.I., gaining experience, and the quest system and that kind of thing. Now we’re live. The Hungering Deep team kind of worked on that for launch to when we shipped it.

We’ve got another team working on Cursed Sails, which is our July update. We’ve got another team working on Forsaken Shores, which is our September update. And The Hungering Deep team is working on the thing beyond that. When Cursed Sails ships in July, they will go and work on the thing beyond that. We’re actually going to bring a fourth team in.

Because of the way Sea of Thieves is –a lot of the content mechanics we’re trying to introduce are new – there is actually a lot of prototyping. We’re trying to give each team a longer lead time in order to keep the actual frequency of updates to players quite high. We want to have a new piece of content about every six weeks to two months. We’re trying to do that as quick as we can and give the team as long as we can so they can build it. We think it’s the right approach.

Is that the future of Sea of Thieves? As opposed to a Sea of Thieves 2, or a season two? It’s going to be expansion, expansion, expansion, etc.?

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The Psychology major at Franklin and Marshall is widely recognized for its academic excellence and strong focus on empirical research.
Since psychologists study mind and behavior in humans and non-human animals, we provide meaningful research involvement for students beginning in the freshman year.

Unlock secrets of the mind!

The psychology major at Franklin Marshall is widely recognized for its academic excellence and strong focus on empirical research.

Our majors benefit from outstanding facilities and resources, including specialized laboratories. Students are guided on an individual basis by highly acclaimed faculty who are active scholars committed to undergraduate education.

The newBarshinger Life Sciences Philosophy Building provides students access to sophisticated resources enabling investigation in primate behavior, artificial intelligence, the development of communication and language in infants, perceptual problems in night driving and the nature of interpersonal relationships.

Courses Curriculum
Faculty Staff
Psychology Facilities

Interdisciplinary Programs

The Psychology department also offers majors through two interdisciplinary programs:

Biological Foundations of Behavior

The Biological Foundations of Behavior major is also offered in the Psychology department. It is an interdisciplinary program sponsored and jointly staffed by the Biology and Psychology departments.

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The Scientific and Philosophical Studies of Mind major is also offered in the Psychology department. It is an interdisciplinary program that combines Philosophy and Psychology, sponsored and jointly staffed by the two departments.

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Student Information

Psychology Awards
Information for Incoming Students
Psychology Honors Society
Academic Resources for Students

Research Opportunities

Research in Psychology

Students engage in collaborative work and develop close relationships with faculty. They also enjoy many opportunities to interact informally with other students and faculty, including colloquia and department-sponsored events such as picnics, ballgames, and the annual Homecoming Tailgating Party with alumni.


Open Faculty Position in Psychology

Visting Assistant Professor and/or Instructor in Psychology

Psychology News and Events

Story 6/29/2018

Yellow, spotted and about 12 inches long, the gecko scampered around until FM senior Camden McMillianset the eyelet of a skewer before him. After a few hopeful moments, the little lizard approached...

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